Fashion Fascination by Mistress Adrienne
About corsets


Corsets can be made of the following materials: lack, silk, leather, latex, brocade, satin, taffeta. I have the following materials in stock and available immediately as indicated below. If you want something I do not have available, just let me know and I will try to get it.
Latex corsets are made of 1.2 mm thick latex and are only available in black and red. Waist is reinforced not to stretch (compared to the rest of the corset, which is beautifully stretched).

Usually the corset is tightened by 8-10 cm, the minimum is 5 cm for beginners. Corsets are reinforced inside with solid cloth lined with cotton canvas, inside into the channels there are original steel bones or spiral wires (two way flexible wire bone) in width of 7 mm. I recommend to fit each corset with corset busks to make the dressing so much easier. The lacing in my corsets is done in a way that you can put it on and tighten it yourself even when the lacing is on your back. You do not need to spend your time stringing tediously the lines into the holes. Lines are already in place, are longer and tied at the waist, so that you can pull the corset over your head, tight it, make an knot, two bows and here you go. If you wish to make it even tighter, you will need to ask another person for help.



The price of every corset is a basic price for a complete corset with lacing made from lack or satin. Alternative material, accessories or decoration details will be added to the basic price (in EUR):

material underbustoverbust
silk 7,5 10,5
latex 29 33
busk 9 10,3
zipper 3,6 3,6
other lacing 5,57
suspenders 6 p.15 15


Tailor made corset - how to take the measure

When taking the measure you will keep on just your underwear. You can measure your bust circumference when having your bra on, but without pads. Stay upright, naturally and breath freely. Ask another person for help and the results will be more accurate. Put taper measure horizontally (or vertically) and take care to keep it tight. Do not bend towards the tape measure, stay in front of mirror. Tie an lace around the waist closely. (Waist is not where the upper end of your pants or skirt is!) The lace will help you to find the narrowest part and we will take more measures from this point. (For owners of body types where waist is not readily apparent: it is approx. 4 cm above your navel. If you have overweight, you need to guess it though.)


For an under-bust corset I need the following measures:
1: Under-bust circumference - closely under the bust, where the bra ends.
2: Waist circumference - closely around the helping lace around the waist.
3: Hip circumference - parallel with waist, just about 10&nbps;cm lower. Make a small mark here with a pen.
Note: Usually the butt circumference is being taken horizontally around the widest part of the buttocks. In this case this circumference is not needed as the corset is shorter.
4: Length from the under-bust point to your waist. Vertically from line 1 to line 2.
5: Length from the waist to the point where you wish to end the point of the corset.


For an over-bust corset:
6: Bust circumference - around the widest part of the breast.
7: The size of your bra cups (B,C,D)




Fabric in stock

Black and red latex


Solid black satin, black satin with silver dots, black shantung silk, purpleblack striped taffeta and black taffeta. Blackwhite canvas with big pattern.


Lack is black, yellow, pink and purple. Further green snake pattern.


Shantung silk is available on request in many other colors, gorgeous classic material for corsets.


Black and red leather. Natural beige too.




Under the lacing can be either nothing or a facing that covers your skin. If you wish to wear the corset straight on the skin, then a facing is recommended. I usually reinforce the facing with the bones, but it is also shown non-reinforced on some older corsets.


Detail drawing busk. Corsets have a cotton lining.


All types of busks. Bones.


The corset is fitted with ties in the backings and garters will be atached to it by little hook.



Creation of an tailor-made corset

Design of a new type. For the first fitting, a corset is ready without the front buttoning and bones. Lacing is provisionally in place. I make the parts narrow when the corset does not fit, I check the shape on the side, I mark the height and length of the neckline of the corset. When the corset fits on the first fitting an other fitting is not needed.


On the second fitting will bet be checked the complete fit.


Finished corset