Fashion Fascination by Mistress Adrienne
Fetish Dream collection

Fetish Dream collection was established for common show Fetish Dream with colleagues Ravena and Yelen. The event was on 15th Sep 2007 in Prague club Jet.


Ace of Hearts

Black and white pants in checkerboard style decorated with two hearts, in 7/8 length. Hidden zipper in the front part. White T-shirt with a heart to set.
Material: latex 0,35 mm.
Price for pants: 196 EUR


Tight black dress

This dress copies a figure below the knee. In the back part is a zip that you can unzip from below to create a slit for easy walking. Dress is cutting in the waist so there are two combinable parts. You can wish the dress as a whole of course.
Material: latex 0,35 mm. The color on the picture is black and white.
Price: 171 EUR


Laced pants

Pants to the ankles with lace.
Material: latex 0,35 mm.
Price: 239 EUR



Minidress with a collar and cuffs

Dress is about 80 cm long, covered front zip. The cuffs are removable.
Material: latex 0,35 mm. Color on the picture is pearl red.
Price: 196 EUR




In this delightful nurse set you won't get rid of 'patients' :). Set includes top with a zipper in the back part, hipster skirt, gloves, veil and headbend. That all with double 0.5 cm wide trim in pink and red colour and with necessary crosses.
Material: latex 0,35 mm. The color on the picture is white with pink and red hem.
Price: 189 EUR



Evening gown

This skintone dress Ariadna suggested by herself. Light latex with black trim and distinctive curves. Extension to the train.
Material: latex 0,35 mm. Color is baby pink.
Price: 328 EUR


After show shooting


Show report pictures

First of all, thanks to Ravena that she came with the idea up for this show and so I had the first opportunity to present my models, and to Yelen that he did it with us. Furthermore, thanks to Jet Club for place and very friendly dealing. Thanks to all Ravena's people, which worked on the preparation and realization of music and especially performance of group Hieros Gamos. Yelen took care about the lighting and preparation of place with beautiful velvet curtain. The pictures prepared Bigbí»ák and Kacíř. Madam ©árka shoot a video.
For my team is one of the greatest thanks to Mr. "arranger" and director XMartin, which did the preparation od choreography with maximum. I appreciate the enthusiasm and willingness of models "mannequins" Ariadna, Elen, Khirie, Ravena, Lady Mousellyca as nurse :))) and Snaky.