Fashion Fascination by Mistress Adrienne
Esquire collection

I had the honor to introduce latex lingerie in Esquire magazine, created by the photographer Peter Weigl requirements. In the issue February 2007 it is wearing a Slovakian Katarina Manova, which boasts the title of Miss International.



Undershirt with a bone fastener. Length in S size: from the shoulder to the end of the zipper 52 cm, 35 cm zipper length.
Material: latex 0,35 mm. The color on the picture is a classic red.
Price: 77 EUR


Wrap top

Lace top, the tapes to winding around the body are 1 m long, for tying behind the neck. Suitable to cup C size.
To the set are laced panties.
Material: latex 0,35 mm.
Price: 43 EUR


Laced panties

Hipster panties with lace on the both sides. Possibility of small regulation of circuit.
To the set is wrap top.
Material: latex 0,35 mm.
Price: 35 EUR


Hipster panties

Material: latex 0,35 mm.
Price: 24 EUR